Generate Network

Parks Forum is committed to cultivating the leadership capacity of promising young professionals for future park management.

Generate is a network for young professionals in the parks, open space management, conservation, aquatics, recreation and sport delivery sectors (across Australia and New Zealand), with the purpose to help build connections, open opportunities, foster innovation and increase collaboration.

Generate was formed in 2011 at a Hui held in Wellington, New Zealand that was attended by 25 young professionals, ten of whom have formed the steering group for the network. The motion of creating such a network was an objective of the Parks Forum Young Leaders Group. This group has now merged with the Generate Network. 

The Generate Vision is:

A network of young innovative people providing a collective voice, evoking change and supporting development opportunities for those working in the environmental and recreation sector.

To view the presentation by Young Leaders to the 2008 Parks Forum Biennial Conference, click on the document below:

To view the Overview of the Young Leaders Forum of the 2010 Biennial Parks Forum Parks Leadership Conference, click on the document below: