Healthy Parks Healthy People

When we talk about parks, we usually focus on their environmental values, and the recreational and leisure opportunities they provide.

But parks have a lot more to do with our health and wellbeing – as individuals and as whole communities – than most people realise. This means that parks organisations have an important task to communicate these important values and their benefits to the wider community.

The Healthy Parks Healthy People program is one of the ways parks organisations come together to do this. A number of parks agencies throughout Australia work together to promote the Healthy Parks Healthy People message, and a number of key partners have joined us.

Parks Forum members are licensed to use the Healthy Parks Healthy People brand, and have access to a range of program ideas and intellectual property which is shared amongst park agency members, who work together on a national committee to co-ordinate events and partnership activity.

For a closer look at our work in this area, take a look at our products and programs. Please note that many of our Healthy Parks Healthy People products can only be accessed by our members, so you may be prompted for a username and password for member access.

If you would like to know more about how you can be licensed to use the Healthy Parks Healthy People brand, or just want to find out more, contact us.

Alexandra Gardens Kew, image courtesy of City of Melbourne