Industry Agenda

Sustainable parks, Environments and Communities

“All over the world the natural wealth of the planet is in retreat. Only a few hundred years ago vast areas of Australia and New Zealand’s forests, oceans, grasslands and deserts were in relative balance. Today virtually every corner of the earth is impacted and struggling to maintain healthy natural systems. The state of our parks indicates how well we are managing nature's wealth for our present and future prosperity. By working together across the parks industry, with governments, non-government organisations, the private sector and the broader community, we can implement this Agenda to successfully sustain our great natural and cultural legacy, for current and future generations to benefit from and enjoy. “

The Values of Parks document, Parks Forum 2008.

The Parks Forum Industry agenda was developed to provide a focus for a number of key industry issues. By working together on these issues, we can build a stronger parks sector.

Out invitation to organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world who have an interest in the health and wellbeing of our parks, is to consider how you can contribute to the achievement of the goals set out in this agenda.

The key issues covered in the industry agenda include:

1. Managing our Parks Effectively

1.1 Building our knowledge and evidence base

1.2 Sustaining a skilled workforce

1.3 Ensuring industry coordination and collaboration

2. Building Indigenous recognition and engagement

2.1 Recognising and respecting indigenous people and their values

2.2 Ensuring indigenous engagement in management and leadership

3. Building and sustaining healthy park systems

3.1 Striving toward comprehensive, adequate and representative
      terrestrial and marine systems

3.2 Striving toward comprehensive and appropriately valued urban
      parks systems

3.3 Managing fire, water and invasive species

3.4 Securing sustainable funding

4. Managing parks sustainably in a time of climate change

4.1 Implementing land and seascape scale conservation to connect

5. Ensuring an ongoing and sustainable relationship
    between parks and the wider community

5.1 Valuing the role of parks in sustaining social connections

5.2 Engaging with changing and diverse communities

5.3 Encouraging visitation, recreation and improved health

5.4 Promoting community education on the wider values of parks

Under each of these key headings, actions are proposed which will contribute to a stronger industry.

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Mamu rainforest walk, image courtesy of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service