International Urban Parks & Green Space Alliance (IUPGSA)

IUPGSA is a collaboration between Parks Forum, Greenspace in the UK and the City Parks Alliance in the USA, to build a stronger international framework for urban parks, and create a wider appreciation of the importance of urban parks to the health and wellbeing of urban communities.

Creation of World Parks Day

Since its inception in 2007, IUPGSA has established Parks For Life: World Parks Day to celebrate the importance of parks to the health and wellbeing of communities. While it was conceived with an urban parks focus, World Parks Day is an open event where we invite parks agencies from around the world to come together with the common interest of generating support for parks by promoting engagement with parks.

For more information on World Parks Day click here.

Creating an international framework for urban parks

With the majority of the world’s population now living in cities, the primary contact with the environment for billions of people are urban parks. These parks play a crucial role in the health of urban communities, but their value to community health and wellbeing is not as widely appreciated as they could be.

IUPGSA is also seeking new partners to support a stronger international recognition for Urban Parks, by bringing parks agencies together in an international coalition which communicates urban parks values and issues.

If you would like to know more about how to be part of this coalition contact us.

Building an urban parks agenda

What are the issues that need to be addressed to ensure urban parks values are protected?  IUPGSA is working to develop an International Urban Parks Agenda which underlines these values.

In May 2010, the International Urban Parks and Green Space Alliance held a workshop with the aim of giving its participants the opportunity to suggest how we can work together to deliver a common Urban Parks Agenda, and provide ideas as to what that agenda would be. The development of the Urban Parks Agenda is intended to promote and support the health and development of urban parks and communities.

The group raised some key issues during the workshop regarding the structure and function of an International Group as well as communication methods. Two key messages were identified for urban parks at the workshop - health, and connecting with nature.

Below is the summary report of the workshop and discussion sessions.

The Alliance

Founding members of IUPGSA are Parks Forum, Greenspace and the City Parks Alliance.

Our most recent new partner is the International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration (IFPRA).

Swan River, image courtesy of Swan River Trust, WA