Measuring Performance

In recent years governments and community have expressed a need for increased transparency of decision making, excellence in governance and outcomes based reporting on park management. 

The Parks Industry Performance Framework, endorsed by the Board in November 2006, provides a rationale for performance measurement, standards, accreditation and the need for recognition of innovation and best practice. The Framework has been created to measure and report on the effectiveness of the park industry’s performance in contributing towards economic, environmental, cultural and social capital. A fifth area of management is included to demonstrate transparency and performance in the area of governance.

Parks Forum has developed a number of programs, along with its members, to improve and better measure effectiveness of the overall management of parks. 

Key projects are:

  • An organisational benchmarking program, Great Parks Network Benchmarks
  • The annual collection of Agency Statistics
  • The Peer  Review Program
  • An Award Program to recognise excellence in park management 

Together, these programs are designed to recognise and promote the transfer of best practice. This is done by collecting evidence of effective management and communicating the contribution that park agencies make to society by enhancing social, cultural, economic and environmental values of parks.

Image courtesy of Department for Environment and Nautural Resources, SA