My Parx

The Parks Forum and Two Bulls have developed an exciting product which will provide a new park experience for today's parks users.

My Parx is an iPhone Application which enhances the park experience  by providing users with access to Information, Maps, Tours and Games.
We invite parks agencies anywhere in the world to take part in this exciting new venture and get your information out to a new generation of smart phone users, providing a new form of interactive information. 

The application is designed so that there is no cost to upload your basic text based data, and even specialised maps, and no cost to parks users to access this information. If you would like to include special value-add products such as audio tours, a cost applies.  

Using the free section of My Parx,  Parks agencies can list their park location, special features of the park, and show the location of amenities in the park or on a GPS enabled map, and even upload a custom map.

My Parx currently works through iPhones, but is also being migrated to other smart phone platforms.  
For more information on the details, take a look at the documents below for detailed information on how the application works, and its benefits and user models for Parks Agencies.

To join the My Parx network, and list your park for free, please click here.

My Parx Demonstration Brief