Parks Forum Awards Program

Parks Forum is would like to congratulate all the winners and commendations of the second Parks Forum Awards Program, presented at the 5th Biennial Leadership Conference, Parks Beyond Boundaries (22-24 May 2012, Adelaide).

The Parks Industry Awards Scheme is part of Parks Forum's program to promote best practice and innovation, as well as raise the profile of the industry more widely in the community. The Award Program will be an integral part of the park sector's performance, benchmarking and standards program.

The Awards celebrate the dedication and excellence of individuals, project teams and organisations in managing parks and communicating their extensive environmental, social, cultural and economic values.

Applicants will need to demonstrate excellence in the management of parks and a commitment to looking for new, more effective ways to conduct their management programs.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Parks Award
The Sir Edmund Hillary Parks Award recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to the parks industry over a number of years or through action that has resulted in significant changes in attitude or management practice. 

With this name, the award recognises the role of Sir Edmund Hillary as Park Forum's inaugural Patron, as well as his lifetime of contribution to the environment, and builds upon the ongoing association with the Hillary Family. As our inaugural Patron, Sir Edmund lent his outstanding reputation and powerful voice to our mission. His willingness to to be part of our work reminds us of the importance not only of what we do, but also of the way we do it - with the character and integrity that was a hallmark of all his endeavours.

The Don Merton Conservation Pioneer Award
The Don Merton Conservation Pioneer Award celebrates conservation leadership among young people and symbolises the baton being handed from a wildlife pioneer to emerging conservation leaders. It aims to reward and stimulate further innovation in conservation management, including endangered species or ecosystems.

The Excellence in Parks Awards
These four awards recognise excellence and best practice in operational programs, as evidenced by improved outcomes in the park/parks in which they are implemented. Areas and their associated themes are:

The theme for this award is the use of interpretation, information and education program/s to promote cultural history to the visitor and engage them with changes in built, natural and/or human landscape.

Applicants are asked to describe how their parks welcome new visitors or encourage the use of parks by groups that do not usually visit or recreate in them (e.g. youth 12–18 years old).

Agencies are asked to illustrate how they are responding to the challenges of global warming. What programs are they implementing to embed sustainable practices across the organisation for long-term change?

Effective partnerships are a key part of park management today. Applicants must describe an example of a successful partnership that provides positive visitor opportunities, financial support for the park agency and facilitates a greater appreciation of the natural and cultural value of parks.

The Awards Program is generously supported by Auckland Council through an Industry Partnership.

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Albert Park, image courtesy of Auckland City Council