Parks Volunteer Network

The Parks Volunteer Network (PVN) brings together managers of volunteer programs running within our member agencies to share resources, information, expertise and experience.

The aims of the PVN are:

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas, methods and procedures in the management and practice of volunteering schemes and to address issues of mutual interest and concern
  • Broad promotion of volunteering in parks, linking this as a visitor experience and the benefits of volunteering
  • Provide park managers and volunteers a process to keep informed on community volunteering schemes around Australia, New Zealand, and other countries
  • Develop partnerships with major volunteering agencies and to share resources
  • Enhance the profile and importance of community involvement in the overall care of parks.

The PVN is administered by Parks Forum and its work is guided by the PVN Working Group.

For PVN Working Group Terms of Reference Document see below.

Conservation week Gentian planting - Constant Bay, Charleston, image courtesy of Department of Conservation, NZ