Peer Review

Initiated in 2006, the Peer Review Program continues to be a significant service to Parks Forum members, providing invaluable feedback to the agency undergoing the review, to assist in supporting the effective governance, management and leadership of parks organisations, or programs/activities within those organisations.

The peer review program is based on seven categories of business excellence:
•    Leadership
•    Strategy and Planning
•    Knowledge and Information
•    People (staff)
•    Customer Service and Marketing
•    Innovation, Quality and Improvement
•    Success and Sustainability

Appraisals are conducted at either the agency, program or project site level. A Review Team investigates current systems to identify strengths or best practice and  opportunities for improvement. A standardized report that includes the peer assessment, recommended actions and a score indicating the current standard of business excellence is provided to the host agency following the review.

A prime benefit of the program is the knowledge and insights exchanged between the Review Team and staff of the host agency. As part of the agency and program level reviews, members of the Review Team are encouraged to present an overview of their agency and its major programs. These presentations give a broad range of staff from the host agency the opportunity to network and to hear about their peers’ experiences and challenges.

Over the past five years more than 30 experienced Park Managers from a diverse range of park organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have participated in the program.

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Carnarvon Great Walk, image courtesy of QLD Parks and Wildlife