Strategic Plan

Parks Forum's Strategic Plan is a 5 year plan, designed to carry out our mission, and ultimately achieve our vision for a strong and vibrant parks industry recognised and supported by the whole community.

The key working areas of the Strategic Plan are:

Leadership and Unity

Supporting park agencies to work together and take a united approach, to ensure that the industry has a say in its own future through strategic industry development.

Performance and Benchmarking

The creation and provision of a range of products, supported by high quality data, which promote the adoption of best practice across the park industry.

Knowledge and Research

Supporting new research and evaluation by removing barriers to accessing knowledge and intellectual property with agencies sharing emerging information on park management, supported by effective platforms for information sharing.

Skills Exchange

The direct sharing of knowledge between staff and management of parks agencies and related sectors, through activities such as conferences, forums, networks and staff exchanges.

Promoting Parks, Nature and Health

Providing the tools and undertaking activities which generate a wider appreciation and understanding of the environmental, social, cultural and economic values of parks for society.


Within agreed boundaries, promoting specific policy positions which will benefit the Industry, including supporting member agencies in selected activities and/or reviews when invited to do so.

Members can click on the document link below to view the full Strategic Plan:

Moon Point Fraser Island, image courtesy of QLD Parks and Wildlife