The Value of Parks

“The human species has evolved from, and been nurtured by, the natural environment – we are a biological product of the earth itself. This deep connection is one that we must all remember. Our parks are the storehouse of our past and, more importantly, of our future.”

Foreword, The Value of Parks Document, Parks Forum 2008

The Value of Parks Document provides a well researched overview of the Environmental, Social, Economic and Cultural values of parks.

The document, available in both hard copy, or can be downloaded as a PDF document, and is designed to be an educational document for people outside the parks industry, to promote a better understanding of these important values.

Hard copies of The Value of Parks document are available for $15 per copy plus postage. To order hard copies of the Values of Parks document contact us.

The PDF version is free of charge and a public access document. Download the PDF version below:

The PDF version of the 'Value of Auckland's Parks' is avaialble for download below:

New Planting, image courtesy of Parks Victoria