Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A strong and vibrant parks industry recognised and supported by the whole community.

Our Mission

To unite and provide leadership for the parks industry, assisting the industry to take up its role as a significant contributor to the health of our society and environment, and also as an important sector in the economy.

To carry out our mission, Parks Forum will:

  • Identify and promote best practice and innovation in park management
  • Develop and promote professional standards for park management
  • Promote the acquisition of new knowledge through benchmarking, evaluation and research
  • Promote knowledge sharing to improve delivery of park services to the community
  • Achieve recognition as the peak body for the park industry, whose advocacy is respected and welcomed
  • Build partnerships with aligned organisations or sectors; and
  • Enhance community understanding and support for parks, demonstrating the links between healthy ecosystems and healthy human communities. 
  • Image courtesy Department of Conservation, NZ